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I ordered a dozen bottles of this outstanding BBQ sauce on a Saturday and have ordered a dozen of the same in the past from these fine people! Every bottle was individually bubble-wrapped and carefully packed into a box with additional styrofoam peanuts. Labeled FRAGILE and "Handle with Care" on all sides. Shipped via UPS from Georgia to middle Florida. Arrived Tuesday evening! One normally expects to receive such a shipment so very quickly! Danielle took EXTRA care to package my order and get it out quickly!!! To be honest, with a shipping cost of only $12 UPS ground, I expect that Adcock lost money on this sale. You may be able to buy these bottles a little bit cheaper elsewhere online, but once you have experienced the EXCELLENT customer care that Adcock provides, you'll be glad you paid a little more for each bottle! Thank you Danielle and Adcock Pecans online ordering!
Michael Brink 01/24/2017